Hi. My name is Brian. I like to make things. I have been fascinated with computers since playing Oregon Trail and learning BASIC on an Apple IIe as a kid. Now, some decades later, I still like computers and am still tinkering with software and hardware. I am in support of better technology policy, increased usage of the commons, and ethical and accessible software/websites/tech.


I have spent the last decade working for technology companies. First, in the health insurance industry, using Python and SQL to normalize large data sets; eventually training and leading a team. I then moved into building websites and applications in the financial services industry. Please e-mail for links to recent professional web development projects.

Open Source Projects

I am the main developer and maintainer of Bombadillo, a multi-protocol (gemini, gopher, telnet, finger, http, local files) client written in Go. Information about Bombadillo is available in a few places:

Aside from Bombadillo, I have developed and maintained a number of smaller personal/educational projects, a few of which are linked below. Others can be found on tildegit.

I also run Colorfield Space[1], an experimental public access shell system I developed. It offers gopher hosting, chat, message board, and asynchronous gaming between users.


I have worked professionally with JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS/SASS, Python, SQL (multiple varieties), Unix/Linux, Wordpress, Vue, jQuery, REST, Web Accessibility, and Bash/Shell

In addition to using the above listed technologies I have also worked on FOSS/libre software proejcts in Go, Awk, Lua, and a very little bit of C. At present Go is my favorite language to work with.